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The most famous among the bromelias

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Meet the Plant

It is certainly the most famous among the bromelias but not known by this family name. Pineapple is the only bromelia with a delicious sweet edible fruit. This plant is also available as an ornamental plant. In that case, the fruits are a lot smaller and look like a mini pineapple growing in a Bromelia.

Nice to Know

The Pineapple plant is not grown for consumption but if you have patience and can wait until the fruit starts to turn orange and smell delicious then you can try taking a bite.

Anti Snoor Plant

Fed up with the snoring of your bedfellow, child or neighbour? You can stop searching for solutions, because the solution is here! The Bromelia Pineapple is THE anti-snore plant. In contrast to other plants, this plant produces oxygen at night. Because this oxygen widens the airways, you will snore less, or not at all!

And if it does not work? It will at least do no harm? Purchasing this plant is worth considering. Besides giving off a sweet scent and health benefits, it I also a beautiful decoration. This casanova will inspire much conversation in your atmospheric home!

Name: Pineapple

Origin: mainly from Brazil around the Amazon.

Light: from light to very bright, never expose to direct sunlight.

Ideal temperature: 16-21 ° C

Watering: once a week

Fertilization: Not necessary, it’s an easy pleaser!


Place the pineapple on a well-lit area in the house away from direct afternoon sun. Give the plant water in the chalice, which is the heart of the plant from where the flower grows. From this heart, the plant feeds itself. Once the water is no longer visible the plant must be watered again.


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